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Under castle Firmian

Under castle Firmian

Bolzano, area via Resia, realization of AST accommodations

Year: 2009-2014

Employer: Land Bolzano, South Tirol


The project area is located in the extreme west periphery of Bolzano.
Using the existing alignments on the area creates optimal oriented south facing apartments.

The main access to the two houses (each 18 residential units) is on the south side. Crossing the spacious parking area you reach the approach ramp to the underground parking garage (incl. cellar and heating network substation) and the building entrances.
The six floors and the basement floor are accessible via a large staircase or by using the lift. There are three apartments per floor. Each of them has two bathrooms, a large living room. The flats at ground floor have small private gardens, the flats on the upper floors balconies with optimal exposure.

The building is characterized by minimalist architecture. Balconies and the arrangement of windows and window doors characterize the appearance.  The use of materials of diverse colors underlines the individual building elements, the base of the building, the cantilevered components and their play of shadow.

ClimaHouse B


Plan 2 buildings Plan 3 buildings Sketch floor Sketch perspective Preliminary wiew nord Preliminary wiew west Preliminary wiew south Wiew south