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Tra vigneto e bosco

Tra vigneto e bosco

Renovation and energetic redevelopment of a family-house

Year: 2010-2011

Employer: Melle-Metzen family


The two-storey building is located in the higher zone of the village, with a great view on the valley and the village Lana. The building is made up of two floors above ground and one subterranean floor used as cellar. A marked renovation was made like demolition of a little part of the house, demolition of the indoorstair an the roof. In addition, another floor was added. This storey is completely made of wood to decrease the overweight. The entire buidling was isolated, a part of it has been faced with rhomboidal larch formwork. Solar collectors and photovoltaic panels were installed. The energetic redevelopment of the building corresponds to the requirements of the class Klimahaus B and received the corrisponding KlimaHaus certificate.


View of the valley of the Adige the house before the rebuilding House Postal