Mimosa 92

Mimosa 92

Protective diaphragm with steel roof and glass scaffolding

Year: 2016

Employer: Kondominium Mimosa 92, via Carl Wolf Meran


The building built in 2000 has a significant length for a length on the roadfront of 100 m. and served by well 5 stairwells. Three of these are open and wrap around the elevator compartment. The project realizes the shielding of the entire vertical surface with transparent safety glass plates fixed on metal tubes anchored to the existing ramps. The entire range has the horizontal side divided into 4 sectors of equal width, while the glass plates placed at an equal distance and slightly inclined with respect to the vertical mark all the height. The use of the glass, as well as the elegance of the work, allows the appearance of the existing, guarantees the natural illumination of the daytime running compartment and thanks to the arrangement of the slats allows for the ventilation of the stairwell and the cleaning of the elements thanks to removable elements. On the ground floor a cover, also with steel structure and glass, as well as offering shelter to the condo entrance area, collects the water that flows from the façade, removes it from the staircase