Shed at Sinigo, Merano

Shed at Sinigo, Merano

Realization of a deposit for collection and separation of used and old recyclable material

Year: 2009-2011

Employer: Gruppo Santini


The project provides for the construction of a open shed with industrial character. On the outside of the shed there is the turning and parking zone. A weighbridge in the entrance areas permits weighing the load and the passing heavy vehicles.
A great roof made of wood covers the main area. The supporting structure is composed by wooden girders and a support column grid. The outer skin consists of coated corrugated sheets. Using this type of covering the front side towards main road (in the east) forms a backcloth of architecture. The other views are partially closed, to keep the noise inside, to prevent rain from entering the shed and to separate the activities from the neighbor business. On the north and the south side under the roof are aligned different compartments to store the materials separated based on type. The compartments consists of 4 m high walls with exposed concrete surface. The shed is well ventilated and it doesn't form a closed box body.
Near the weighbridge, under the roof, there is the office with changing room and bathroom for three people working in the shed and regular customers.


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