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Inauguration of the new nursery in via Positano

A small celebration was held today to inaugurate the Klimahaus B nursery school Druso 1 in via Positano, in the presence of the mayor of Bolzano Luigi Spagnolli, the responsible city councillors Stefano Pagani (Public Works) and Margarete Rottensteiner (school) and other city an municipal councillors, functionaries and technicians and the companies involved in the work.

100 children attend the nursery school. There are two german and two italian sections.

Studiomelle assumed the function of the general construction supervisor, security coordinator and made the accounting. Furthermore the façade was planned and designed by them. The façade cladding is made of panels, picked up the motifs of the artist Mondrian, upgrading the entire building.

Inauguration of the new nursery in via Positano

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