The office

Lo Studio

Our young group affronts every kind of problematic using the most modern technologies.
All of us have a good knowledge of the programs for elaboration of texts and tables as well as internet programs. This knowledge is a complement for the specific programs (e.g. CAD and Office).
Simple operations in our office are done by PC and are available for the whole office. We follow specific rules for our archives. A simple but very good network allows the exchange and communication during the work.

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Last projects

Expansion of the "Laurin" Lana nursery school
Recognition by the jury for the "Laurin" Kindergarten expansion project and construction of a microstructure for early childhood

8 lodgings Auerwiese St. Lorenzen
Competition for the construction of 8 apartments in the "Auerwiese" expansion area Lot A3 in the Municipality of San Lorenzo di Sebato

Under Rosskopf (mountain)
Vipiteno, barracks Menini de Caroli area, realization of AST accommodations

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